Marcela Fernandez has lived in 7 counties and seen natural disasters like typhoon Yolonda and the human tragedies of war alike. She’s on a journey to live out and prove that non-traditional educational paths can be viable options for young people passionate about making the world better by creating a gap year documentary on alternative educational groups.

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Marcela Fernandez

Marcela Fernández was born in Colombia but has lived in 7 countries and is a life-long journeyer. Although she speaks 6 languages already, she wants to learn the language of humanity – a life long mission. Having dropped out of university, Marcela took an alternative education path using the world as her classroom and several projects as navigational points of reference. This is where Marcela and Watson University meet in her life story.

Right now, she’s creating a documentary called EduAction ( in which she interviews students, professors, parents and founders of many alternative education projects. By bringing awareness to the growing number of options for alternative learning, she intends to make clear that following your own educational path is a worthy and reasonable choice.

In her path towards alternative education, Marcela participated in the Journey Network’s pioneers journey and has since become a co-creator of The Journey Network, a project that was exactly what she longed for. Marcela is a staff member of The Phoenix Institute Summer Seminar. She also participated in the “Your Big Year” competition organized by World Merit making it to the final 4 out of 60,000 young activists.

Marcela lived in Palermo (Italy) for a year as a volunteer in a humanitarian context and she created a disaster relief program called PhilippiNOW! to help the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. Moreover, she has been a co-founder in several volunteering programs in her home country. With her trust in humanity and thirst to learn more she’s willing to create a tangible impact in the world she lives in.

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