Finn believes it is within our collective power to shift our world towards a peaceful and sustainable future. He dreams of inspiring people to fight for the changes this world needs to see. At Watson, he hopes to find empowerment among the passionate and inspirational student body and environment.

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Finn Woelm

The future of the world is unwritten and it is completely in our hands to pave its path and build its story. This undying belief fuels Finn’s passion and commitment towards fighting for a better tomorrow. Previously a freshman at Princeton University, he is joining Watson’s brand new degree program this fall to meet individuals just like him. He looks forward to collaborating to create, design and launch ideas that will bring about a better future. Growing up with the love of both programming and web design, Finn is seeking for a way to combine his passion with his two-fold dream: setting ablaze in the current generation a hope and belief that we CAN change the future of our planet and inspiring young men and women around the world to be courageous and fight for the changes the world so direly needs to see. At 21 years old, Finn has had opportunities to live in quite a few different places and this has allowed him to make friends from many different backgrounds and cultures. After high school, Finn lived a year in Berlin, Germany, then spent a year volunteering in a rural community in Ghana, teaching computer skills, environmental science and English to high school students. Afterwards, he studied a year at Princeton and is now moving to Boulder. His most important take-away lesson: everyone of us is incredibly unique, yet we do share fundamental similarities — We all dream of things we wish to accomplish, we all have friends and family we love, we all have fears and worries, and most importantly of all, deep down at our hearts, we are kind, loving, and caring. Realizing that our resemblances are stronger than our differences inflamed new hope in Finn that humanity can live together compassionately, sustainably, and peacefully.

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