Esrat (aka Eve) was born & raised in Bangladesh and completed her degree from University of Dhaka in finance. She dreams of a world where everyone has free access to education as well as to a better life. She is working to empower street children out of poverty by leveraging education. Today, she’s reached over 200 slum tudents with her literacy and basic skills training, and hopes to come to Watson to build out a work/study-exchange model to give her students work experience.

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Eve Esrat

Four years ago, Eve started a school for children living in the slums near her in Bangladesh. These children are 7-15 years old, and before going to her school they were resigned to a life of begging on the street or drug dealing and addiction. Deeply disturbed by seeing such young children kicked and mistreated on the streets, Eve vowed to help however she could, including starting an awareness club and donation drives at her school. In her first year, she and her friends taught 5 students basic academic skills, literacy, and how to make a living. Since then over 200 students have gone through her program and improved their lives. Currently, Eve is researching ways to create work opportunities for her students in exchange for education. Her vision is to create a sustainable education program which can be used globally.

She defines herself as a girl with sky high dream: the dream of making the world a better place for street children.

Eve participated in many national & international youth development campaigns, projects etc & got awarded several times. She got the opportunity to work under the banner of International Youth Council Bangladesh , World Youth Alliance, Action Aid, Activista, DFID, USAID,UNSYAB, BBC, EU, and National Youth Project (India).

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