Claudine Migisha, from the Congo, has dedicated her life to peacebuilding and education work in refugee camps after experiencing first hand the violence of rebel army groups and needing to raise her siblings in their own refugee camps.

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Claudine Migisha

Claudine Migisha hails from a large family in the DRC (Dominican Republic of the Congo). When she was only 6 years old her parents were killed by rebel armies moving through her village, and she and her siblings had to struggle to survive. Despite all odds, Claudine put herself through school and started environmental initiatives that helped her school earn revenue.
Claudine has worked with the Parlement d’enfants as the assistant on gender education, as well as in the Maison de jeunes as an ambassador of peace through poetry for peace building initiatives.

In 2009 she joined forces with CIYOTA and chose to move into a refugee camp in Kyangwali, Uganda to teach primary school to children with no access to education. She intends to spend her time at Watson improving CIYOTA’s model and their capacity to reach children in need through quality education and peace building efforts so that the next generation will not have to suffer through violence the way she did.

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